In the distance they saw him,
White sun caught in his mane.
Long they called him,
But he would not come,
for he was Shadowfax,
Lord of all Horses.
And he answered only to one.

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At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what saddle you’re in, or if you don’t own one. It doesn’t matter if its cheap tack or expensive, old, new. It doesn’t matter if there are papers to lineage or if you find it standing in someones back yard. Doesn’t matter if their short or tall, thin or thick…. What matters is that they listen and they hold on to your secrets. What matters is that they allow you to weep, laugh, or vent your frustrations upon their shoulders. What matters is knowing that you share something, stronger than anything. Love between horse and human. A bond between rider and mount. Soul mates

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